I know I am going to miss multiple classes due to schedule conflicts. Do you prorate tuition?

For fairness to all students and enrollment purposes we do not prorate tuition (all policies on the website here). Allowing people to only pay for the classes they can attend would make it impossible to offer the classes at our low rates. 

Will I fall too far behind if I miss a few classes due to schedule conflicts?

No. Our classes progress at a relaxed pace and offer a significant amount of review and repetition. Many students have conflicts due to work, travel, and other commitments and have no problem keeping up with the class.

I see multiple Beginner courses listed on the schedule. Do students progress from one level to the next after each session?

The progression of our courses can be somewhat confusing to new students as our courses run in 8-week sessions and numerous factors are considered when determining a course title.  For example, if you are enrolled in a Beginner 1 course this session, you will not necessarily progress to Beginner 2 in the next session.  Your class title may remain as Beginner 1 for multiple sessions; however, you will cover new material (vocabulary, grammar, etc.) in subsequent sessions. For more clarification on course sequence, please contact us.

I am new to your school and I am not sure which course is appropriate for my level. How do I know which class to register for? 

The brief course descriptions and textbook outlines provide some guidance in determining your level; however, we encourage you to email us if you need additional information and assistance.  We're happy to set up time for a phone call to talk through your options.

Do I need to purchase a textbook for the course?       


Italian classes:

In general, the Introduction, Beginner level classes and the most Advanced class do not require a textbook.  But see our course descriptions for the textbook requirements for a specific class. 

Spanish classes:
The following Spanish classes do not require a textbook: Introduction to Spanish.

The following Spanish courses do require a textbook:  all Spanish Beginner classes and all Spanish Intermediate classes. Please check class descriptions for specific textbook information. 

With online classes, what platform are you using?  Are classes taught live or recorded and shared with students to work at their own pace?

We are using the Zoom platform to teach live classes at the times you'll see on our schedule.  These classes are not pre-recorded for later viewing by students.  There is a teacher giving instruction and interacting with the students during class time.

Are online classes recorded for future viewing?

They are not.  If you miss a class, you'll need to connect with classmates or reach out to your instructor for missed topics and homework.


Do I need a PayPal account in order to register/pay online?  

Credit card payments are processed through PayPal, however, you do NOT need to create a PayPal account; you may simply pay using a credit card. Once you have paid, PayPal will send a confirmation directly to the email you provided. 

Will I receive some kind of confirmation from Passport to Languages once my registration is processed?

Approximately a day after your payment is received by Passport to Languages, we will send a confirmation of your registration to the email address you provided with your payment.  If you used a PayPal account to pay and that account has an outdated email address, it's likely you won't get the confirmation email or any subsequent emails about your class so please be sure the email address used is current.

I registered for a class a few hours before the start of the session.  Why haven't I gotten my zoom link yet?

If you are registering last minute, you may not receive your confirmation and your link prior to class.  We generally process registrations within 24 hours of receipt but can't guarantee that last minute registrations will be processed in time.


I'm interested in tutoring, do any of your instructors offer private lessons?

Unfortunately, none of our instructors currently have availability for tutoring. 

How can I subscribe to your list so that I'll get notified about when registration for the next session begins?

​Use this link to subscribe.